5 Misconceptions about African safaris

misconceptions about african safaris

African safaris are often referred to as “the holiday of a lifetime” and no other holiday can top a safari experience, yet there are still misconceptions when it comes to very practical questions. And these are not only safari travellers from outside Africa, no; even safari guests from within Africa can have wrong ideas about Africa travel.

Here some of the main misconceptions about African safaris, as they can occur when planning a safari:

  1. The food at safari lodges is not suitable for guests used to western food.

The safari lodges and camps at all top-rated safari destinations offer international food, from lasagna and spaghetti to top French cuisine.

  1. Mosquitos will be all over me.

Mosquitos are only active from late afternoon and during the night and the number of mosquitos depends on the time of the year. Mosquitos do not like cold and wind. They love hot and humid conditions and not an air-conditioned room or fan, which are present in most of the safari accommodations. A repellent with deed will make sure they also don’t get to you when enjoying a boma dinner under the stars.

  1. I will not have access to phone and email during African safaris.

Many of the safari lodges and camps at all safari destinations in Eastern and Southern Africa offer free WiFi internet access.

  1. I will need to bring fancy clothes when going to 5 star safari lodges.

The dress code at all safari lodges and camps is casual outdoor wear, also at 5 star accommodations.

  1. Transportation at the safari destinations will be chaotic and unreliable.

African safari travel is an extremely well organised operation with connecting light aircraft and road transfers to the most remote wildlife areas.

Most African safari travellers are surprised by the standard of hospitality and logistic they find during their safari holiday. In the middle of nowhere, in the heart of the African bush, guests can expect high-end cuisine, personalised service and excellent transportation.

Ute Sonnenberg for Roho Ya Chui, Travel Africa


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