Why visit Malawi in May?

african safari in malawi

Malawi, which translates to “flames of fire,” is a country in Africa with gorgeous vistas, stunning sunsets and the opportunity for amazing safari trips. The country is full of natural wonders, such as Monkey Bay and the Mulanje Massif rock formations. Lake Malawi forms 75% of the eastern border of the nation and is the ninth largest lake in the world, which hosts over 1,000 species of fish. But when is the best time to visit Malawi? Why choose a trip in May?

Fading Rains

The rainy season in this nation comes between the months of December and March, making trips here less perfect, though still full of lovely sights and sounds. The months of April and May see the landscape begin to dry, and is considered the beginning of the peak seasons for this beautiful landscape. In the higher and southern regions, you will enjoy cool temperatures at night to go along with the crystal clear skies.

Breathtaking Sights

Malawi is full of natural wonders and incredible sights. The sunsets in this country are legendary, but the waters of Monkey Bay and the rocks at Mulanje Massif are not to be missed. As the sun sets over these features, you will be struck by the intense red rays dancing over the landscape.

Not only will you have pictures and stories to tell, many are deeply changed by the experience. May is the best time to catch these sights as the rains fade and the skies clear.

Beach Weather

The warm, sunny skies make for great days on the beaches of Lake Malawi. The temperatures are warm, sunny and dry. Spend your days lounging on the shores of Africa’s third largest lake, enjoying the cool waters with great boating and diving available during these winter months.

99 percent of the thousand species of fish in Lake Malawi are unique to this region, evolved from a single parent species into dozens of sub-species, each with its own individual features. Be sure to check out the Zimbabwe Rock diving site for the best chance of seeing these awe-inspiring creatures. With so many to see, you will have a completely new experience no matter how many times you go.

Game Sightings

As the weather dries out and the days turn nice and warm, game sightings increase. If you are looking to take a safari trip in this great nation, you want to time it for a period when it is relatively comfortable for you, and great for seeing the local fauna. The winter months of April and May are excellent for checking out the local wildlife!

There are over 2,000 hippos in Malawi’s Majete Wildlife Reserve, and over 350 species of birds to sight. In addition, the protected park is host to over 500 elephants. If you are ready to experience the kinds of wonders and beauty that only an African safari in the prime time of the year can provide, we can help. Give us a call today for the trip of a lifetime!

Jill LIphart for Roho Ya Chui, Travel Africa

Image: Wilderness Safaris

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