Why your next corporate outing should be an African safari

great migration african safari tour

For you, the corporate picnic is boring. The spa resort has lost its luster. You are searching for a way to break free from the monotony, to provide your team with a truly unique experience. Your hunt has led you to Roho Ya Chui, provider of the most formidable and exhilarating adventure: the African safari. You are ready to embrace the soul of the leopard. Read on for exactly why your corporate team is about to embark on a safari.

Adventure — Soul of the Leopard

Roho Ya Chui offers many wildly different and highly customizable packages to choose from. Our selection of options is designed to sate your appetite for adventure. Are you ready to track cheetahs through South Africa on a thrilling nighttime chase? Will you navigate the marshes to head out hippo-spotting in Naivasha or bask in the shade with, as your backdrop, Mount Kilimanjaro?

Our most popular safaris range from the Grand African Safari, an 18 day trek through Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and more, to the Kenya Explorer, a highlight reel of Amboseli wildlife and the grandest game-viewing in the world at Masai Mara. Exclusive tented camps give you the comfort and space you need to relax after a day filled with exhilaration. Your team must rest for the next day packed with otherworldly challenges.

Teambuilding — Thrill of the Chase

Unleash your inner hunter: bag photographic trophies of your “prey” while on game drives. See the world through the lens of our wildlife photography specialist who has presented workshops for the famed Hapag Lloyd cruises. Experience the thrill of a wildlife photography course suitable for beginners and experts alike. The lush, exotic settings that will bring your tightly-knit team even closer together will be your classroom.

Beyond the simple act of snapping photos, this exclusive training package, available on request, will see that your corporate team members’ perspectives are broadened beyond compare. The journey you are about to undertake will show you a side of yourself you may not have known even existed. Once you view the grand savannas unfold before you, the level of interaction and understanding you and your colleagues experience will deepen as your intuition and unconventional-thinking skills blossom.

Perfected — Unique Experiences

Don’t miss out on the opportunity for an off-road tour led by expert guides. On private reserves, sneak up so close to the wildlife that you’ll be able to count the animals’ spots. In some locations, aquatic tours and bush walks are available to adventurous souls. Roho Ya Chui’s fine-tuned safari tour packages offer your team a plethora of choices in sensational game viewing throughout the highest quality safari destinations in Eastern and Southern Africa. We give you the chance to make the most of your great voyage.

If your corporate team is ready to emerge from a wild and exciting experience, invigorated and stronger than ever before, an African safari is just the ticket. Contact us today and learn what it means to embody the soul of the leopard.

Jill Liphart for Roho Ya Chui, Travel Africa

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