Need for Speed: Africa’s Fastest Animals


Most people who travel to Africa on an African safari vacation do so to see the animals. The lions, elephants and gorillas certainly draw plenty of attention and tourism, bring people from around to world to view these magnificent creatures in their natural habitat. However, you might have a yearning to see a different type of animal, one that might be missed if you do not glance quickly enough.

Yes, you have a need for speed and a need to see some of the fastest animals that are on the planet when you come to visit the beautiful African landscape. These animals will certainly wow and inspire you along your journey. They are unique in both their capabilities with speed as well as their majestic composure. To help you to get excited about your trip, here are some of Africa’s fastest animals.

The Cheetah

You cannot talk about Africa’s fastest animals without first talking about the gorgeous cheetah. It can reach speeds of 30 miles per hour in three seconds, which matches the standards for most top quality Ferraris. This speed can be maintained over an impressive distance of 300 meters. In addition, it can reach over 70 miles per hour in short bursts. The cheetah uses its tail to change direction and its clawed feet for extra grip.

The Lion

The “king of the savanna” is not just a lumbering giant. These massive cats can cover some serious ground at top speeds that will both impress and intimidate you. The lion is capable of reaching 50 miles per hour and can weigh upwards of 250 pounds. You would not want to be what the lion chose to chase, but seeing one in action is an event that you will never forget.

The Wildebeest

Anything that was meant to outrun lions and cheetahs must be extremely fast, right? The wildebeest has very poor eyesight that hinders the animal and presents it with a disadvantage, but it is capable of matching the lion in speed. This, it addition to its great strength, allows for the wildebeest to present a worthy foe for its predators.

The Ostrich

The ostrich is both the fastest running land bird in Africa and the world, but it does not stop there. The ostrich is also the fastest animal on two legs. It is capable of running at a speed that reaches 45 miles per hour.

The Gazelle

Here is another animal that must be fast in order to survive a foot race with a cheetah or lion. The gazelle is a slender animal that was built for speed and certainly delivers. It is capable of reaching 40 miles per hour.

See Africa’s Fastest Animals on a Safari

These are some of the best animals to see in action while you are on an African safari vacation. If you would like more information on the best things to see, visit our safari tours page or contact a representative with Rohoyachui today.

Jill Liphart for Roho Ya Chui, Travel Africa

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