5 Tips for Capturing the Perfect Landscape Shots During Your African Safari


Not everyone has the luxury of bringing along their own professional photographer to document every beautiful moment of their African safari vacation. For most visitors who take a once-in-a-lifetime trip to the rich and diverse content, they must be their own photographers. This might be a bit intimidating at first, and you may be worried that your pictures will not turn out worthy enough to show off later in life, much less provide you with invaluable mementos, but you cannot go on this trip without bringing back a few pictures that are truly worth a thousand words.

Between the abundance of land and water creatures, as well as the breath-taking landscape, you are sure to capture something magical. To help you with your new found hobby, here are five tips for capturing the perfect landscape shots during your African safari vacation.

  1. Bring a Tripod

Shaky hands can ruin every great shot you have, and there are few things worse than reviewing a day’s work of photographs, only to realize that they are no good. You can solve this problem by packing a tripod to use while you are capturing pictures of the landscape. You should adjust your aperture to a small setting so that you can increase your depth. Doing so will allow less light to hit your image sensor, but you can compensate by slowing down your shutter speed. A slower shutter speed means that there is a greater space for error from shaking hands.

  1. Find Your Focal Point

Even landscape shots need something as a focal point to draw the eye. Otherwise, your pictures may look rather empty and boring. Hunt for a good focal point for your pictures, be it an interesting tree or an elephant moving gracefully through the tall grass. Consider your placement of the focal point inside the picture, rather than what exactly is drawing the eye.

  1. Consider Your Foreground

The forward most points of your images are just as important as the landscape itself. Placing interesting features in the beginning allows the viewer to ease into the picture and will also create a sense of depth.

  1. Check the Sky

If the sky is not interesting at the moment that you are taking pictures, decrease its presence and add more landscape. There are moments that make the sky worthwhile, such as a sunrise or set, beautiful cloud formations or migrant birds. Be sure to capture those skies, as they will be ones that you will want to remember.

  1. Look for Lines

Lines are a great way to lead the viewer’s eye into the image, as well as provide you with a nice, clean photograph. There are natural and manmade lines all throughout the landscape of Africa. As you stop to capture the beautiful views, be sure to find these lines and incorporate them into your photography.

Book Your African Safari Vacation

You can book your dream African safari vacation today and capture the beautiful landscape of Africa. If you have questions, visit our safari page or contact a representative with Rohoyachui today.

Jill LIphart for Roho Ya Chui, Travel Africa

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