Camera Upkeep in the Wild

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For photographers on an African safari, a camera might as well be their own version of Excalibur. This is the tool with which they capture the landscape and all that Africa has to show off, immortalizing the memories that are made through the lens of a digital camera. Most photographers who travel to Africa take hundreds, even thousands of pictures, getting great use out of there camera.

Though taking your pictures is important, the landscape is not exactly camera friendly. The small dirt particles are prone to working their way into even the smallest of places, and your camera will quickly get dirty. Cleaning your camera and going through the proper upkeep procedures is absolutely critical if you want your camera working to the best of its ability through your entire trip. Here is how to properly go about your camera upkeep in the wild.

Clean the Lenses

Taking great care so that you do not break the glass, use a small brush to clean the front and back of the optic lenses. These lenses are what makes the camera such an expensive piece of equipment. Be sure to only use tissues and solutions that have been designed for the optics of cameras. If you do not clean your lenses, dirt can quickly build up in the dry African landscape, damaging the quality of your pictures. Replace your brush or clean it thoroughly afterwards so that you are not smearing grease onto your lens the next time that you clean.

Care for Your Sensor

The sensor of a digital camera is a very expensive piece. Because of this, it is not recommended to clean the sensor unless you know how to get the job done without damaging the camera. Set your camera to a 30-second exposure, and clean out the open shutter with your brush. If your camera gets really dirty while on your African safari, see the help of a professional to help you to clean it properly.

Clean the Focusing Screen

Though this is not a part of regular, daily maintenance, you should clean the focusing screen if it gets very dirty. Avoid the risk of transferring dust to the sensor of your camera. The mirror is easily scratched and also very sensitive, so be very cautious. Use your brush to clean this part while in the field.

The Outer Casing

Your external workings might just be for looks, but it is very important to keep them clean. Dirt that is on the outside of your camera can easily work itself into the small, inward parts. Brush it over quickly, then clean with a soft lens-cloth.

Clean Your Accessories

Do not forget to clean your accessories while you are traveling on your safari. You will want them to be ready to go at a moment’s notice so that you can capture the best of the county’s landscape.

Book Your Safari

If you are interested in going on the trip of a lifetime and want more information about African safari vacations, visit our African tours page or contact a representative with Rohoyachui today.

Jill Liphart for Roho Ya Chui, Travel Africa

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