5 Best Proposal Spots in Africa


Have you found “the one,” the love of your life, the person that you want to make your future spouse? If you have, now it is time to find the perfect place to propose. If the two of you love romance and adventure, you will love going on an African safari tour. Africa is the most diverse continent in the world, and has many stunning spots that are just perfect for a dream proposal. This will be an unforgettable trip of a lifetime in so many different ways.

The only things missing are you, your special someone and a sparkling ring. Here are some of the best proposal spots in Africa.

  1. Table Mountain, South Africa

When most people think of Africa, fabulous resorts, dining and spa settings are not the images that come to mind—but that is what you will find in South Africa. This is one of the best tour destinations in the world. You can enjoy a thriving city life while also being able to escape on one of the many excellent safari tours. Table Mountain is the area that makes Cape Town, which is one of the best beach cities on the planet. Overlooking the area are several stunning plateaus. A proposal beneath the Cape Town skyline would be breathtaking!

  1. Victoria Falls, Zambia and Zimbabwe

As the largest falling body of water in the world, Victoria Falls is a true wonder. This magnificent spectacle is nicknamed “the cloud that thunders.” Once you are standing near, you will understand why. The sheer force and power than can be seen, heard and felt is inspiring. There are few places that can even compare, and it makes for a wonderful proposal spot.

  1. Sahara Dunes, Morocco

A desert might not seem like the most romantic place, but the Sahara is actually a beautiful marvel. Its dunes are rolling peaks that reach as far as the eye can see. They are perfect formations that cannot be mimicked. A proposal at sunrise or sunset would yield a stunning backdrop in this unique location.

  1. Egypt

Ancient Egypt produced some of the most fantastic manmade marvels. To this day, people migrate from all corners of the world to see them in their splendor—some of the most famous are the Great Pyramids and the Sphynx. There are innumerable statues and buildings that present architecture and design that is simply amazing. Seeing Egypt is a once in a lifetime adventure for most people. The love of your life would appreciate a proposal in this ancient city!

  1. Mount Mulanje, Malawi

This is the largest mountain in central Africa. It is surrounded by enchanting habitats that house many marvelous animals. Great bison and gullies surround the base, and while the trek up is no walk in the park, there are several stunning viewpoints that make the perfect proposal spots.

Booking Your African Safari Tour

Are you ready to propose on a unique trip that will provide you with some of the most beautiful proposal spots on the planet? Book your African safari tour today! If you would like more information, visit our safari tours page or contact a representative with Rohoyachui today.

Jill Liphart for Roho Ya Chui, Travel Africa

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