Test for Compatibility: Go on an Adventure Together


The first blush of love—everything is exciting, everything is romantic. You are lost in your own little world. There is no better way to take your coupledom to the next level than expanding your horizons and exploring the world around you…together.

Traveling together for the first time can be scary, which is why many look at it like a make-or-break experience. It can bring you together, cementing your bond with memories made and experiencing firsts together, or it can cause a rift—suddenly the way he can’t keep track of his cell phone is annoying…her hour long showers and over-packing are not endearing.

Even with the risk of becoming intimate with your partner’s idiosyncrasies, the bonding experience of a grand adventure is a great way to make memories to look back on forever. And the shared experience of getting out of your element and facing the world together will bring you together in a way nothing else can.

A Grand African Safari Adventure

What greater adventure could you go on than a great African Safari? The word Safari is defined in most dictionaries as “an expedition to observe or hunt animals in their natural habitat, especially in East Africa,” but a better way to think of a Safari is the original definition. Safari comes from the Swahili word for journey, and an African safari is a journey for both you and your relationship.

An African Safari is no longer the rather antiquated big game hunting trip. Instead you will be hunting for photo opportunities. A reputable Safari company will provide a tour with itineraries including big game viewing from off-roading, bush walks, and even water tour options when possible.

Together, you will experience the breath-taking vistas of the African wilderness. Wide open skies, horizons that won’t quit. Bounding over the plains in all-terrain jeeps, and sporting pith helmets and olive toned jungle fatigues. You’ll set up camp and eat over the fire, looking up at the endless sky, all while hand-in-hand.

Planning Your Couples Safari Adventure

Getting ready for a Safari adventure can take a lot of time, and because of the significant planning and coordination needed, the cost of an African Safari can add up, and the last thing you want to do is argue about planning or money.

Using a tour company will help! The company will provide one price that is usually almost entirely all-inclusive. When you know up front what to expect, you can plan accordingly. Additionally, the tour company lets you pay in installments, far in advance, spreading out the payments. Doing so will make planning for the trip a part of the enjoyable experience, instead of letting frustration build as you anticipate for your first big trip together.

When you’re ready to take your new love on an adventure like no other, contact Roho Ya Chui to take care of planning your couples adventure. Grab your camera and pith helmet and embark on an African Safari with your love today.

Jill Liphart for Roho Ya Chui, Travel Africa

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