Animals to Keep a Safe Distance From


Going on an African safari vacation is the trip of a lifetime for many people. There is no place on earth that offers so many different diverse landscapes, people and animals. In a single trip, you can experience the vast deserts, the stunning mountains, breathtaking waterfalls, ancient tropical forests and thriving grasslands. Each biome is filled with its own diverse lifeforms. The animals that call Africa home are wonderful, but they can also be quite dangerous. While on your safari vacation, it is important to follow all the instructions that you are given. Never get close to any of the wild animals, and take special care to keep a safe distance from a select few. Here are some of the most dangerous animals in Africa.

  1. The Cape Buffalo

The Cape Buffalo is a large animal and is credited with killing the most big game hunters each year. Adult males can be over 1,500 pounds and even lions hesitate when attempting to bring them down. Cape Buffalo are herd animals that are very protective of their young. They will mow over anything that appears threatening.

  1. The Rhinoceros

Rhinos are very popular among tourists who visit Africa since multiple varieties are critically endangered. Because they are suffering in numbers, they are illegal to hunt. Rhinos have a very short temper and will charge any threatening lifeform. They have a very deadly horn, which they use to gore their victims. Adult Rhinos can weigh over 6,000 pounds and run up to 40 miles per hour.

  1. The Lion

Lions do not typically attack humans, but that does not mean that attacks do not happen. Most people who are attacked by lions simply got too close. Once a lion attacks a human, it must be moved or destroyed. Lion attacks are on the rise in several countries, with several hundred people killed each year.

  1. The African Elephant

As the biggest land animal in the world, African elephants weigh an astounding 12,000 pounds. Obviously, with this kind of weight, an attack by an elephant is hardly ever survivable. Males have been known to attack uncoerced, but these giants will stampede if they feel threatened.

  1. The Hippo

The hippo is the cause of more human deaths than any other animal in Africa. They may seem slow and harmless, but they can run at speeds of 20 miles per hour and have 20-inch canine teeth that easily tear into flesh. A fun fact about these dangerous African natives — the closest relative to the hippo is the whale.

Plan Your African Safari Vacation

Going to Africa is a wonderful experience, but be sure to listen to all instructions and stay at a safe distance from these very dangerous animals. If you would like more information on planning your African safari vacation, visit our safari tours page or contact a representative with Roho Ya Chui today.

Jill Liphart for Roho Ya Chui, Travel Africa

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