Essential Items You Need on Your Next Safari


There is no vacation quite like an African safari. On your trip, you’ll see sights of which you’ve only dreamed, and will be able to experience activities that will be hard to forget. However, like any trip, the key to making sure you have the best time possible is being certain you have the right equipment.

Traveling in Africa requires much different equipment than your typical holiday, and learning about a few of the items you need to pack will guarantee a fantastic trip. Here are some essential safari items that you need to make sure you have on hand so that your next vacation is easy and rewarding.

Clothes You Don’t Mind Losing

An African safari can be very hard on your clothing, so when your purchasing attire for your trip, you want to be sure you’re investing in clothes that you wouldn’t mind leaving behind. If you’re not worried about protecting your clothes, it will be much easier for you to enjoy your trip. When your clothes tear or stain, you can leave them behind without worry.

Extras of Your Most Important Items

On your list of essential safari items, there will be some things that you will need to function on a daily basis. For example, you may need to bring along contact lenses or have a medication that you require regularly. If you use any of these types of items, you should be sure that you’re bringing along extra on your trip.

There’s nothing quite as frustrating on a vacation to use your last pair of contacts or to realize you’ve run out of a necessary medication. Packing extras of these items will make for a worry-free vacation where you’re easily able to enjoy your scheduled activities.

Lightweight Cold Weather Wear

If you know anything about Africa, then you know that temperatures can become very cool once the sun has dipped below the horizon. It is for this reason that one of the most important items to bring with you on your safari is lightweight jacket or sweater that will keep you comfortable when it gets colder outside.

With a lightweight jacket, you’ll be able to keep yourself more comfortable without taking up too much of your valuable storage space.

A Crushable Hat

You’re going to be spending a lot of time outdoors on your African safari, which means you run the risk of experiencing a sunburn. Obviously, since a sunburn can greatly lessen your enjoyment of your trip, you need to protect yourself from the harsh sunlight, which is why it’s a good idea to pack a crushable hat with a wide brim.

For starters, crushable hats are very easy to pack, and can often be stored in your pocket when not in use. Second, the wide brim of these hats are perfect for a safari and will give you the protection you need so that your face doesn’t get burned from your hours in the sun.

Invest in these essential safari items, and you’ll be able to enjoy a top-notch trip that you’ll be raving about to your friends and family back home.

Advice for Going on a Group Safari


Traveling on your own can certainly be a fun experience. But when you’re going on a unique trip such as an African safari, you’ll likely want to be able to share your memories. That’s why going as a group can be a great idea.

While traveling with your friends or family will lead to a lot of fun, going on a vacation with a large group can also be complicated, as everyone is likely to have their own expectations for the holiday. Here are some tips for booking a group safari that you should keep in mind so that you can have the most enjoyable group vacation possible.

Don’t Skimp on Planning

When you take a holiday by yourself, it’s much easier to be spontaneous, as you only have yourself to think about. However, when traveling in a group, you need to make sure that everyone is happy, which is why you need to do a good deal of planning before you book your vacation.

Get together with everyone who’s planning to go on your trip and do some brainstorming. What does everyone want to see or do? Are some of your group members traveling on a strict budget? Taking the time to talk through these issues will make booking a group safari much easier and considerably more effective.

Stay in Your Communication

After your planning session has finished, don’t assume that you and your travel buddies don’t need to communicate until it’s time to get on the plane. In fact, the opposite is true. A lot of things can change from the time you start planning your trip to the time you’re meant to leave, so it’s vital that every person involved in the vacation stay in touch.

Set up a group email or text message so that every traveler can raise questions and concerns. If one person is responsible for booking the entire trip, make sure that they are giving frequent updates so that everyone stays in the loop. Keeping the lines of communication open will make it much easier for you to avoid mishaps and pull off a successful safari.

Make Room for Alone Time

It’s likely that your travel group will include a mix of introverts and extroverts, meaning everyone will have different wants and needs for the holiday. To make sure that everyone enjoys the safari to the fullest extent possible, you should be certain that you make time for everyone to recharge or explore Africa on their own.

If there’s a day where you’ve booked several group excursions or activities, carve out some time in the evening for everyone to be on their own. Having built-in alone time will make it easier for the introverted members of your group to enjoy their vacation. Plus, this will reduce the chances of disagreements, as everyone will have the time they need to experience Africa in the way that they prefer.


Your Safari Shopping Lists

want-to-see rhino

For many people, the most exciting part of planning for their next vacation is going on a shopping spree to purchase everything they need for their trip. While this is an important part of preparing for every vacation, it is particularly crucial for a safari. It requires different equipment than you would need for a standard holiday.

If you want to make sure you’re able to have fun on your safari, it’s important to get an idea the items that you need to purchase before you leave for your trip. Here is a brief safari shopping list that you can use to be certain your choosing the clothing and equipment you need for your vacation.

Start with Luggage

When you’re shopping for your vacation, the best place to start is with your luggage. Unlike a typical vacation, where all you’ll need is a suitcase, there are very specific forms of luggage that you will need for a successful safari.

When you’re traveling around Africa, you will typically do so by plane, which means you need luggage that’s easily transported. Choose soft luggage that will be lightweight and will allow you to carry your clothes and other items with minimal effort.

You should also make sure that you’re investing in a backpack that will let you carry the items you’ll use every day on your safari, including your camera and its charger.

Pick Your Clothing

In addition to the right luggage, your safari shopping list needs to include clothing that will help you stay comfortable while you’re on your trip. Picking the right clothing, in fact, is perhaps the most important thing you can do to make your safari vacation a success.

First, you want to make sure that your clothing will help you blend into the environment, which is why you need to pick clothes that have neutral colors. Second, you should make sure that the clothing you plan to wear during the day will help you stay cool. Even in winter, the daytime temperatures in Africa can be very hot. Thirdly, you need evening clothes to keep you warm if you’re traveling during the winter. This should include sleeping close.

Finally, you need to purchase suitable footwear. Make sure that you purchase comfortable hiking boots that you won’t mind wearing all day, as well as a few thick pairs of socks.

Choosing Your Accessories

Luggage and clothing are the main items you will need to purchase for your trip, but you should also consider buying a few accessories that will make your safari safer and more fun.

First and foremost, you need a pair of sunglasses that will effectively protect your eyes from the bright African sunlight. Because it’s easy to forget to stay hydrated on safari, you should think about bringing along a stainless-steel water bottle or flask. Since you’ll often be viewing animals and other sights from a distance, you may also want to buy some binoculars.

If you make sure to purchase all these items on your safari shopping list and book your vacation correctly, you should be able to have an exciting trip that you’ll fully enjoy.

Tips for Feeling Safe on Your African Safari


If you’re looking for an exciting vacation that you’ll always remember, look no further than an African safari. When you go on safari, you’ll experience some of the most interesting sights and sounds of your life while also be able to enjoy activities that you won’t be able to find in any other vacation destination.

However, if you want to enjoy your safari as fully as possible, you need to feel safe throughout your entire trip. Fortunately, feeling safe on safari is easy when you follow a few simple tips. Here is some advice for feeling safe on an African safari that will allow you to enjoy this one of a kind vacation without fear or worry.

Keep Your Distance

When going on an African safari for the first time in your life, it’s likely that your most anticipated activity is seeing exotic animals in their natural habitat. While seeing a lion or an elephant in the wild can certainly be thrilling, you also want to be sure that you’ll feel safe, which is why it’s crucial to maintain the proper distance from these creatures.

Viewing safari animals is perfectly safe as long as you’re certain to not get too close. With lions, for instance, you can get fairly close as long as you stay inside of your safari vehicle. When you’re viewing elephants, you may want to stay further away, as they travel in herds and may get spooked if you get too close or approach to rapidly. Being careful about how close you’re getting to the animals is an easy solution for feeling safe on safari.

Be Aware at All Times

Although there are several ways you can stay and feel safe while on safari, the most effective is staying aware of your surroundings. Too many people going on safari assume that they can rely wholly on their guide to keep them safe. While your guide will do everything they can to keep you from harm, you must also take some responsibility for your own security.

While you’re walking around, keep your eyes open and listen for any unusual sounds. This should help you detect potential threats so that your safari will be safe and fun.

Listen to Your Guide

Maybe the most important thing you can do to feel safe on safari is to trust your guide and to listen to their instructions as carefully as possible. Your safari guide has been trained to give you a fantastic vacation experience while keeping you safe, and if you fail to listen to their instructions you may be putting yourself and your fellow safari-goers at risk.

If you put your trust in your guide, you’re guaranteed to have a safe safari that you’ll remember for the rest of your days.

Going on a safari is the best choice for your next vacation, and as you can say, feeling safe on an African safari is easy when you follow these easy and effective tips. Start booking your safari today and keep this advice in mind so that you can have an exhilarating vacation of which you’ve only dreamed.

Some Simple Tips for Booking a Safari


If it’s finally time for you to go on your next vacation, you want to make sure your trip is as filled with fun as possible, which is why you should consider booking an African safari. Choosing a safari means having a truly unique vacation experience where you’re able to enjoy word-class activities and unforgettable sights.

However, if you’ve never booked a safari before, there are several factors that you need to keep in mind so that you can have the exciting holiday that you deserve. Take a look at these tips for booking a safari that will help you choose a trip that’s filled with thrilling activities you won’t find anywhere else.

Think About Your Expectations

Almost everyone has their idea of a perfect vacation, and keeping these expectations in mind is the best way to book a safari that meets your precise needs.

For example, if your primary goal on safari is seeing interesting animals, then you need to make sure that your trip includes a destination here you can see the Big Five up close and in person. On the other hand, if you prefer vacations that include physicals activities such as hiking or bungee jumping, then you need a safari that will take you to some of the best hiking spots in Africa.

Before booking a safari, you should sit down and make a list of your expectations for your trip. Once your list as finish, you can use it as a map for booking the vacation of a lifetime.

Budgeting is Key

While there are many issues that you need to factor in when you’re booking your safari, your budget is the most important. Although you want to be sure that your safari includes your most desired activities and destinations, you also want to control your costs as much as possible.

Spend a little bit of time thinking about how much money you’re willing to spend on your safari. Once you have a rock-solid budget in place, you should talk with a safari expert to decide which activities are within your spending limit. Even if you’re working on a tight budget, you should be able to go on a safari that’s filled with outstanding activities and locations.

Choosing Travel Time and Partners

Another important factor to consider before you book your trip is what time of year you’ll travel. The time of year you go on safari will impact your prices, your activities, and the crowds you’ll encounter. The weather is great throughout the year in Africa, but if you want lower prices and thinner crowds, you should pick your trip for the low season.

You also need to decide if you’re going to travel by yourself or with a companion. Traveling with someone else can guarantee you have someone to share your safari experience and that you’ll be able to reminisce after the trip is over. On the other hand, traveling by yourself means you’ll never have to debate what activities to choose.

If you make sure to consider these important factors, booking a safari should be quick and easy, and will guarantee you a fantastic vacation.

Safari Migration Facts You Should Know


When you’re planning to go on an African safari, there are several events that you should put on your itinerary. However, if you want to enjoy one of the most fascinating spectacles in the word, you should make sure that your safari will take you past The Great Mammal Migration.

This spectacular annual event includes some of the most noteworthy animals in Africa such as zebras and gazelles. However, this migration is also a dangerous affair, making it a good idea to learn a little more about this occurrence. Here are safari migration facts that you need to know if you’re thinking about going on an African safari during The Great Mamma Migration.

Basic Migration Facts

When you’re learning about The Great Mamma Migration, there are a few basics facts that are a good starting place, including how many animals are involved and the distance that the migration travels.

During the migration, as many as two million animals will travel 500 miles. The purpose of the migration is for the animals to locate a safe place to birth their offspring that also provides a dependable food supply. Because the animals travel in such large numbers, they are better able to defend themselves against predators. This is important because there are several places on the migration path where predators such as the Nile crocodile await.

If you want to avoid The Great Mamma Migration in full swing, you should try to plan your safari for the summer months of June and July.

Wildebeest Facts

Although there are a variety of animals you can see during the migration, the most interesting by far is the wildebeest, mostly due to the way that these mammals give birth.

As mentioned in the previous section, one of the main purposes of the Great Mamma Migration is finding a suitable birth location. When wildebeests find this location, they will all give birth at once. By giving birth at one time, the wildebeest parents are able to surround their young so that they will be shielded from predators.

Speaking of the wildebeest young, some fascinating safari migration facts are related to how quickly the age. After a wildebeest is born, they will be able to run alongside the adults within minutes, meaning the herd will be able to quickly move on from the birth spot and away from the predators that gather during this time of year.

Migration is Dangerous

Although migration is an important event for almost every mammal in Africa, it’s not without its risks. In fact, many of the mammals that set out on the Great Migration will not see it through to the end.

No overland migration in the world is as large as The Great Mammal Migration, and none is as deadly. It’s estimated that as many as 250,000 mammals will be killed during the migration. There can be several causes of death during the migration, including damage, heat exhaustion, and predators.

If these safari migration facts have you interested in experiencing the Great Mammal Migration for yourself, you should book your trip today so that you can experience this memorable event.

Questions You Need Answered Before Going to Victoria Falls


There is an array of interesting locations that you could choose to visit on your next African safari, but when it comes to excitement, there’s no better destination than Victoria Falls.

One of the most popular destinations for safari-goers around the world, Victoria Falls offers a range of activities you can pick for one of the most thrilling, memorable vacations of your entire life. However, if you’re a first-time visitor to Victoria Falls, it’s likely that you have a few questions that you need answered before your trip. Here are answers to a few of the most common Victoria Falls questions that should help you see why your safari should include a stop at this location.

Which Side to Visit?

One of the most frequently asked Victoria Falls questions is which side is best to visit: Zambia or Zimbabwe? Victoria Falls is fed by the famous Zambezi River, which is also the border between the countries of Zambia or Zimbabwe. Fortunately, you don’t need to choose and can enjoy thrilling activities on both sides of Victoria Falls.

If your main goal is sightseeing, then you’ll probably prefer the Zimbabwe side, which is where three-quarters of Victoria Falls is located. On this side of Victoria Falls, the water flows throughout the entire year, and you’ll also have more opportunities for viewing wild animals.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for pulse-pounding activities, you should focus on the Zambia side, where you can enjoy a microlight flight or take a swim in the Devil’s Pool.

Is Malaria a Risk?

Before going on a safari, regardless of the location, most travelers want to know that they’ll be safe, which is why many people ask about the risk for malaria before visiting Victoria Falls. Because the weather is warm and there is a large amount of water, there’s definitely an increased change for malaria exposure in Victoria Falls. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can take to protect yourself.

Simply by frequently using insect repellent and remembering to take your full course of malaria pills, you can have a safe and fun time while you’re staying in Victoria Falls.

When Should You Visit?

Maybe the most common question when it comes to a safari in Victoria Falls is what time of year is best to visit this exciting destination. The time of year you visit can influence what sights and activities you’ll be able to enjoy, making this a very important decision.

If your main priority is seeing the waterfall in its full glory, then its best to visit between February and May, which is when the rains from the spring season will have finally made their way to Victoria Falls. For travelers who are primarily going on safari for game viewing, it’s better to visit Victoria Falls between June and August. During this time of year, you can take a quick trip to nearby Botswana to see gorgeous wild animals in their natural habitat.

Now that you’ve found answers to your most pressing Victoria Falls questions, it’s time to get started on the process of booking the dream safari you deserve.

Planning an Eco Safari


Ecotourism is one of the hottest travel trends in the world, particularly when it comes to going on safari. Many people planning a safari want to make sure they’re able to enjoy the beautiful scenery in Africa without negatively impacting the environment. However, as you might expect, accomplishing these goals requires a little bit of planning ahead of time.

If you’re interested in staying environmentally friendly on your next African safari, it’s a good idea to get a few tips on what you should pack for your trip. Here are a few items that you’ll need for your next eco safari so that you can be certain you’ll be able to enjoy your trip without harming the environment.

Pick Up After Yourself

Leaving trash behind is one of the biggest ways that safari-goers can impact the environment on their vacation. If you want to take an eco safari, then one of the most important things that you can do is to bring along reusable plastic bags.

With these plastic bags, you can easily pick up after yourself on your safari, ensuring that you’re following green principles while enjoying your vacation.

Stay Clean the Eco Way

While you’re on your safari, you’re going to want to be sure that you can stay clean. However, if you clean up using traditional soaps, you may be doing a great deal of environmental harm without ever realizing. Luckily, you can easily stay clean while remaining eco-friendly by packing a few bars of biodegradable soap.

There are a variety of biodegradable soaps that you can take with you on safari, many of which are available in both bar and liquid form. In addition to showering and washing your hands, these soaps can also be used for laundry if you’re taking an extended safari. If you choose a liquid biodegradable soap, make sure your bottle is small enough to be allowed on airplanes.

Not only will biodegradable soap help you stay clean, it will be gentle on the environment.

Protect Yourself and the Environment

When you’re planning your eco safari, you want to make sure that you’re balancing protecting yourself with protecting the environment. For example, because you’re going to be spending a great deal of time in the sun, you need to make sure that you pack a high-quality sunblock. Generally, your sunblock should be SPF 15 or higher, and to stay environmentally friendly, you can look for a chemical-free option.

Before your trip, you should also invest in a pair of sunglasses UV protective lenses. These sunglasses will help you see better while also protecting your eyes from damage.

Pack Lightly

Another good idea for your eco safari is to pack as few clothes as possible. This serves two purposes. First, it will make traveling considerably easier since you won’t be lugging around heavy bags wherever you go. Second, it will reduce the amount of laundry you will need to do on your trip, lessening your environmental impact.

With the right preparation, you can book a safari where you’ll be able to participate in word-class activities without fear that you’re harming the gorgeous African environment.

Namibia Experiences You Can’t Miss


While you’re researching your next African safari, the most important thing to decide is which countries you should visit on your trip. If you’re looking for once in a lifetime experience, there no better destination than Namibia. Whether you’re looking for memorable thrills or astounding sights, Namibia has at all! This a country that everyone should visit at least once.

Here are some of the experiences that you shouldn’t miss on your African safari in Namibia that will guarantee you the outstanding vacation that you need.

Exciting Sandboarding

When you go on a safari, you’ll have access to activities that you won’t find on any other vacation, and this is especially true if your next safari takes you to Namibia. During your time in this country, you should be sure to stop by the Swakopmund desert so that you can experience sandboarding, one of the most popular activities in Namibia.

Sandboarding is exactly what it sounds like: surfing on the sand. Because Swakopmund is filled with sweeping dunes, it is one of the world’s best sandboarding spots. If you go sandboarding one time, it’s likely that you’ll be hooked on this pulse-pounding activity.

See Rare Animals

Out of all the different reasons you should book an African safari in Namibia, the best is being able to view some the most interesting animals in the world, including the black rhinoceros. Many of the last rhinos in the world call Namibia home and can be seen roaming the Namib Desert.

Rhinos are known for their toughness, and unfortunately, their rarity, and if you want to see this interesting creature, then going on a safari in Namibia is your best bet.

Learn About the Culture

One of the most rewarding experiences of going on safari is learning about a culture that differs from your own, and if you’re interested in learning more about Namibia, you should make sure that your vacation includes a stop at one of the country’s living culture museums.

Whether you’re an adult or a child, participating in a program from one of these museums is an experience that you’ll never forget. You’ll be able to learn about Namibian culture directly from its people, including how the track and hunt wildlife. You can even take part in traditional Namibian crafting. If you want your safari to include excitement and education, visiting a living culture museum is a great choice.

Hit the Salt Pans

Namibia is home to some of the most interesting sights in the world, including the Makgadikgadi salt pans. These famous salt pans were once lakebeds before they dried out, and are now a crucial part of the annual zebra and wildebeest migration. In addition to seeing wild animals, visiting the salt pans can also provide a great deal of excitement, as you may be able to take an ATV ride on these wide-open surfaces.

Make sure that your safari includes a stop at the salt pans if you want the most thrilling trip possible.

Going on an African safari in Namibia is a great choice for your next vacation, particularly if you want a trip filled with can’t-miss activities.

Hacks for Safari Photography


If you’re like many travelers, then your favorite part of going on vacation is taking photographs that you’ll remember for a lifetime. When you go on an African safari, you’ll able to take pictures of some of the most interesting sights in the world. However, because photographing in Africa can be very different than other environments, you want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to get your pictures to come out the right way.

Here are a few simple safari photography hacks that you should keep in mind if you want to capture images that you will cherish forever.

Don’t Limit Yourself

When many people go on safari and take photographs, they may spend most of their trip waiting for the perfect shot, potentially causing them to miss out on a great picture. Instead of looking around for a great image, go hog wild and take as many pictures as you possibly can. There is so much gorgeous scenery in Africa that every picture is sure to be a winner, so you should take as many pictures as you possibly can.

Because you’re going to be taking so many pictures while you’re on safari, you want to be certain that you’ll never run out of memory. Invest in multiple memory cards for your camera so that you won’t have to worry about running out of storage while on your trip.

Take Pictures at the Right Time of Day

The trickiest part of taking pictures on safari is getting the lighting right, which is why one of the most useful safari photography hacks is being certain that you’re taking your pictures at the right time of day.

The best time to take your safari photographs is during a period commonly referred to as the Golden Hour, which is either right before sunset or right after sunrise. During these two times of day, the light is perfect for photography, ensuring you’ll be able to take a breathtaking shot that you’ll want to show off to your friends back home.

Don’t Neglect People

While you’re looking through the lens of your camera, it’s likely that most of your attention is going to be focused on the exotic animal and plant life, which is certainly understandable. However, spending too much time trying to get a picture of a lion or elephant can cause you to miss out on one of the most important parts of a safari: Your fellow travelers.

When you go on a safari, it’s a virtual guarantee that you’ll make new friends, and these friendships may end up being the most memorable part of your vacation. Years later, when you’re flipping through your photo album, you’ll definitely want to see pictures of the people that you met on your holiday. Make sure to take a few shots of your fellow travelers so that you can remember every single part of your safari experience.

If you want to take gorgeous pictures of your next African safari, all you need to do is follow these easy safari photography hacks. With this advice, you should be able to take some truly wonderful pictures of your safari vacation.