Exciting Namib Desert Activities for Your Safari


When you’re trying to choose the countries that you’ll visit on your next African safari, you should be sure to consider a stop in Namibia. In Namibia, you can find a variety of excellent activities that you’ll be sure to enjoy, but if you’re looking for an experience you’re guaranteed to remember for the rest of your life, you should be sure to visit the Namib Desert.

When most people think of deserts, it’s hard to imagine that anything exciting could possibly happen, and while this is true in some places, the Namib Desert is one of the most beautiful, thrilling locations in the world. Check out a few Namib Desert activities that you should experience on your Namibia safari so that you can have the most enjoyable trip possible.


Take a Ride on a Horse

If you know anything about Namibia, then you know the country is renowned for its gorgeous red sand dunes that you can find in the Sossusvlei region of the Namib Desert. While there are several ways that you can experience these famous dunes, the most interesting is on the back of the horse.

Taking a ride on horseback through the Namib Desert is a can’t­miss experience that almost feels like you’re inside a big budget Hollywood movie. From the back of your horse, you’ll be able to enjoy warm, fresh air while seeing the red sand stretch for miles around.


Sand and Surfing

While a horseback ride is certainly enjoyable, it may be a little too slow paced for thrill seekers. If you want a little excitement out of your Namibia safari, then you should make sure your time in the Namib Desert includes a little sandboarding.

Sandboarding—surfing on the sand—is an exciting activity that should please every traveler looking for pulse­pounding fun. The large sand dunes in the Namib Desert make it one of the best sandboarding locations in the entire world, and when you’re gliding down the dunes at top speed for the first time, you’ll never want to stop.


Take to the Skies

So far, all the activities we’ve discussed in the Namib Desert take place on the ground. However, in this location, you can also have fun hundreds of feet in the air.

For example, one of the best ways to see the Namib Desert is inside of a hot air balloon. Inside of your balloon, you’ll have a crystal­clear view of the desert that you’ll always remember. If you want the best hot air balloon experience, you should book your ride for sunset when the views are especially breathtaking.

For those with a more adventurous spirit, the Namib Desert also offers some of the best skydiving in the entire world. If you’ve never skydived but have always wanted to try, your Namibia safari is the perfect time to soar through the skies.

When you’re booking your Namibia safari, you need to be certain that you include some time in the Namib Desert. During your time in the desert, you’ll be able to enjoy some of the most exciting activities in the world, ensuring a fantastic trip.

Namibia Experiences You Can’t Miss


While you’re researching your next African safari, the most important thing to decide is which countries you should visit on your trip. If you’re looking for once in a lifetime experience, there no better destination than Namibia. Whether you’re looking for memorable thrills or astounding sights, Namibia has at all! This a country that everyone should visit at least once.

Here are some of the experiences that you shouldn’t miss on your African safari in Namibia that will guarantee you the outstanding vacation that you need.

Exciting Sandboarding

When you go on a safari, you’ll have access to activities that you won’t find on any other vacation, and this is especially true if your next safari takes you to Namibia. During your time in this country, you should be sure to stop by the Swakopmund desert so that you can experience sandboarding, one of the most popular activities in Namibia.

Sandboarding is exactly what it sounds like: surfing on the sand. Because Swakopmund is filled with sweeping dunes, it is one of the world’s best sandboarding spots. If you go sandboarding one time, it’s likely that you’ll be hooked on this pulse-pounding activity.

See Rare Animals

Out of all the different reasons you should book an African safari in Namibia, the best is being able to view some the most interesting animals in the world, including the black rhinoceros. Many of the last rhinos in the world call Namibia home and can be seen roaming the Namib Desert.

Rhinos are known for their toughness, and unfortunately, their rarity, and if you want to see this interesting creature, then going on a safari in Namibia is your best bet.

Learn About the Culture

One of the most rewarding experiences of going on safari is learning about a culture that differs from your own, and if you’re interested in learning more about Namibia, you should make sure that your vacation includes a stop at one of the country’s living culture museums.

Whether you’re an adult or a child, participating in a program from one of these museums is an experience that you’ll never forget. You’ll be able to learn about Namibian culture directly from its people, including how the track and hunt wildlife. You can even take part in traditional Namibian crafting. If you want your safari to include excitement and education, visiting a living culture museum is a great choice.

Hit the Salt Pans

Namibia is home to some of the most interesting sights in the world, including the Makgadikgadi salt pans. These famous salt pans were once lakebeds before they dried out, and are now a crucial part of the annual zebra and wildebeest migration. In addition to seeing wild animals, visiting the salt pans can also provide a great deal of excitement, as you may be able to take an ATV ride on these wide-open surfaces.

Make sure that your safari includes a stop at the salt pans if you want the most thrilling trip possible.

Going on an African safari in Namibia is a great choice for your next vacation, particularly if you want a trip filled with can’t-miss activities.

Reasons to Safari in Namibia


When you’re getting ready to go on safari, there are several important countries that you need to make, including choosing the countries that you will visit on your trip. While there are countless locations you could travel to on your African safari, none will provide you with the excitement that you’ll find in Namibia.

Namibia offers everything that you could want in a safari, including sights, sounds, and experience that you can’t find anywhere else in the entire world. Here are a few reasons that you should plan a Namibia safari, including some of the thrilling activities you can enjoy while visiting this country.

See Exotic Animals

Although people have differing reasons for going on a safari, the most common goal is being able to see interesting animals in the wild, and in this regard, there is no better destination in Africa than Namibia.

Namibia is home to several gorgeous wildlife preserves, including the ever-popular Etosha National Park. At Etosha, you can visit one of the many watering holes and see several exotic animal species, including giraffes and zebras. Plan your Namibia safari correctly and you’ll easily be able to see some of the most beautiful animals in the entire world.

Breathtaking Landscapes

Another reason that so many people choose to go on an African safari is being able to view gorgeous landscapes that are unmatched in any other vacation destinations, and in Namibia, you’ll find a variety of interesting sites.

For example, this country is home to the world’s second largest canyon: Fish River Canyon. You can also visit Deadvlei, which is a salt pan that stretches for miles and miles. Be sure to bring your camera along with you, because you’ll want to remember the beautiful Namibian landscape for the rest of your life.

Ocean Views

If you’re still looking for reasons to go on a safari in Namibia, consider the fact that you can split your vacation evenly between the land and the sea. In addition, to interesting geological features, Namibia also offers a scenic coastline where you can zone out while watching the waves or even interact with the Cape Fur seals in Walvis Bay. Depending the season you visit, you may be able to take a boat ride and see dolphins and whales.

Visiting Namibia is a great decision for anyone that wants to spend time on the water.

Towering Sand Dunes

While there are nearly unlimited ways to have fun while you’re on your safari in Namibia, one of the activities that you simply can’t miss is touring the tallest sand dunes in the world. Located in Sossusvlei, these dunes are a dark red color that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen, and the tallest, which is commonly referred to as Big Daddy, is over 1,000 feet tall. Scaling one of these enormous dunes is an experience that you’re guaranteed to always remember.

If you’ve been thinking about taking an African safari, then you need to choose your perfect destinations, and clearly, one of your best options is booking a Namibia safari. Whether you want to explore nature or relax on the waves, Namibia has everything you need for a great trip.

Safari in the City: Windhoek


Namibia safari tours offer wild adventures in desert landscapes, the awe-inspiring Fish River Canyon and among the savannas of Etosha Park. But, the country of Namibia also offers plenty of cosmopolitan comforts in its capital city, Windhoek.

Windhoek is a historic city that shows off the region’s unique mixings of cultures and lifestyles. The city as it is now was formally established by the Imperial German Army in 1890, taking over from Dutch Afrikaans settlers after the original settlement had fallen into neglect. Now, Windhoek stands at over 330,000 strong and growing. Afrikaans, German, Oshiwambo, Khoekhoe, Kwangali, Herero and multiple Bantu languages are all languages that can be heard and seen in the city.

Cultural experiences Windhoek offers include gourmet dining at an authentic castle, world class museums, incredible shopping, gorgeous historical sites and more. Read on to discover the most incredible sights you can see during your trip to Namibia as part of an African safari holiday.


“Christ Church” is a Lutheran Church established in 1910 by German colonialists. The church features Carrara marble imported from Italy, and its peaked steeple and clock were shipped directly from Germany. Emperor Wilhelm II gifted the church’s massive stained glass windows for its chapel.

Visiting the humble yet magnificent church offers both a trip to the past and a treat for those who appreciate gorgeous architecture. The church is also located near the Tintenpalast, Namibia’s seat of parliament, so visiting it allows you to also see the nearby Parliament Gardens and gorgeous government buildings.

Namibia Crafts Centre

Finding beautiful handmade crafts in traditional African markets can be a bit like panning for gold — the good stuff is there, you just have to know where to look. From that standpoint, Namibia Crafts Centre is a mine filled wall-to-wall with pure gold.

The outlet sells incredible finished handmade Namibian crafts, including woven baskets, pottery, leatherwork, needlepoint, paintings, embroidery, jewelry, hand-sewn garments and more. All displayed pieces reveal the origin of the piece and its respective artist. Prices are very reasonable, so you are almost guaranteed to find the perfect sentimental gift to take back home to someone you care about.

Delicious Food

Whether you love local African favorites like Kapana or want to sample new twists on gourmet dishes from Germany and Britain, Windhoek has lots in store for your gastro-enjoyment.

Leo’s at the Castle is a must-visit for anyone interested in atmospheric fine dining. The restaurant is located inside the Hotel Heinitzburg, which itself is housed in an authentic European castle constructed by architect Wilhelm Sander. The patio overlooks Namibia’s skyline, making for a breathtaking and unforgettable experience.

Other great places to dine at include:

  • The Stellenbosch Wine Bar and Bistro
  • The Social
  • Craft Cafe
  • Sardinia Blue Olive
  • O Portuga
  • Old Continental Cafe & Take Away

Lively Nightlife

Windhoek is alive with tourists and locals alike seeking good times well into the night. Joe’s Beer House has a wide selection of both Namibian and German beers, making it worth lingering at for hours if you are a beer lover. The Boiler Room @ The Warehouse Theatre spins live music and has dancing until the morning hours.

Museums and Attractions

There are far too many amazing attractions to mention when visiting Windhoek, but some of the most popular include:

  • National Botanic Garden of Namibia
  • National Museum of Namibia
  • Trans-Namib Railroad Museum
  • Owela Museum
  • Mary’s Catholic Cathedral
  • Daan Viljoen Nature Reserve

Book a Namibia Safari Tour Now to Experience Windhoek’s Wonder and Glamour

If you are interested in seeing Windhoek during your African safari tour, take a look at our sample Namibia safari tour packages, and then contact us to create your own custom Namibian safari experience today!

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Secrets of Namibia: Explore the Skeleton Coast


You can find the Skeleton Coast in the northern part of South Africa’s Namibia coast. It stretches alongside the Atlantic Ocean, south of Angola from the Kunene River. Over time, it has been referred to as “the gates of hell.” But the Skeleton Coast isn’t just a destination for horror fanatics. In fact, despite the storied history of crashed vessels and shipwrecks, the Skeleton Coast is popular today as an excellent place for surfing.

Curious about the history of the Skeleton Coast? Eager to hit the waves? Explore the Skeleton Coast of Namibia on your African safari journey and take home a story to remember!

About The Skeleton Coast

The Skeleton Coast gets its name from a myriad of sources. For one, when the whaling industry was at its peak, whale and seal bones littered the shore, leaving literal skeletons behind as the rest of the animals were harvested. Today, a different type of carcass can also be stumbled upon: rusting ships and boat debris from the numerous accidents and tragedies that have befallen sailors who took on the seas while unprepared, battling intense winds and shifting currents as well as a cold, dense fog.

One of these vessels, the MV Dunedin Star, ran aground in 1942. A complicated but successful mission saved all of its passengers and crew, and the historical rescue was documented in a novel by John Henry Marsh, published in 1944. The book’s title? Skeleton Coast. The name has stuck to maps and with locals ever since.

Exclusive Shores

The Skeleton Coast National Park contains the most inaccessible shores, seized by a combination of harsh weather conditions, loose sands and massive shipwrecks. To best navigate the coast, the park is divided into two sections, north and south. The southern section can be traversed by 4-wheel drive vehicles, and you can drive as far up as the Ugab River Gate before the terrain becomes too dangerous. The northern section can only be explored by plane.

Salt Pans, Clay Castles and Seal Colonies

But it’s not just a bleak history tour. In the northern half of the park, you can visit the Agate Mountain salt pans and the clay castles of the Hoarusib River for some breathtaking views or ideal photography opportunities. For an extra delight, you can also go to Cape Fria and see a huge seal colony, with almost 50,000 seals taking advantage of the fish and plankton that fill the waters.

Epic Surfing Spots

Then, in the southern region, grab a surfboard and join the many thrill seekers in the ocean. Swells consistently hit along the Skeleton Coast and, with enough training and tact, you can find some epic spots to surf. The water produces waves in fast and thick bursts, with strong tidal rips crashing in. Follow the line of surfers from May to September and keep an eye out for sharks — for surfer enthusiasts, the experience will be well worth it!

Namibia Safari Tours: See More of Africa

It sounds brutal, but despite its perilous reputation, the Skeleton Coast is a beautiful spot to discover — and certainly unique as a tourist destination. Some tours can be costly, particularly to the northern region of the park, where extra travel precautions must be taken. However, a trip to the Skeleton Coast will more than make up for it with the exclusivity of experiencing one of the best kept secrets of Namibia.

So what are you waiting for? Namibia safari tour packages are available right now and can be customized however you choose. Earn your bragging rights by braving the Skeleton Coast. Or, at the very least, make friends with some seals. Book your trip today!

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