Unforgettable Victoria Falls Experiences


If you have an adventurous spirit and have been planning to go on a vacation, then you should think about taking an African safari. While on safari, you’ll have access to a wide array of activities that are perfect for thrill seekers, particularly if you make sure your trip includes a stop in Victoria Falls.

Victoria Falls is one of Africa’s most exciting locations thanks to experiences that you won’t find anywhere else in the entire world. Here are a few Victoria Falls activities that you should choose if you’re interested in a holiday that is filled with unique, memorable adventures.

Elephant Back Safari

One of the most popular reasons to go on safari is being able to interact with exotic animals in their natural habitat. While there are several ways to see animals up close and personal in Victoria Falls, the most exciting activities is going for a ride on a majestic elephant.

There are several locations in the Victoria Falls area that offers elephant rides, and there’s virtually no more memorable way to enjoy your safari than on the back of an elephant. Make sure to check this item off of your bucket list during your Victoria Falls safari.

Go Fishing in the Zambezi

For many people looking for an exciting vacation, there’s nothing better than spending a day on the river trying to catch a fish. Luckily, Victoria Falls offers some of the best fishing in the entire world thanks to the nearby Zambezi River.

The reason that fishing on the Zambezi is so exciting is that there are several big game freshwater species, including the challenging Tiger Fish. Fishing the Zambezi is a particularly excellent choice if you want to try your hand at fly fishing. Whether you spend a whole or half day, you’ll always remember fishing for the Tiger Fish on your safari.

Visit Devil’s Pool

After you’re finished with your fishing out on the Zambezi, you should take your boat to Livingstone Island, which is just outside of Victoria Falls. On this very small island, you can experience some of the most breathtaking views anywhere in Africa.

When you’re done taking in the scenery, you can enjoy one of the most pulse-pounding Victoria Falls activities: Going for a swim in Devil’s Pool. This natural pool is located right on the edge of the falls, and if you’re stout of heart, you can swim right up to the rim and peer over the waterfalls.

See the Falls from the Sky

If you’re limited in time and simply want to see Victoria Falls in person, the best way to do so is by taking a microlight flight. On your microlight flight, you’ll be able to soar over the falls and enjoy them in all their glory. While this activity is only for the most adventurous safari-goers, it’s an experience that you’re sure to treasure.

If you want to pack your next African safari with adventure, the only location that you should visit is Victoria Falls. Pick any of these Victoria Falls activities, and your next trip will be one of the most memorable of your entire life.

Reasons to Safari in Namibia


When you’re getting ready to go on safari, there are several important countries that you need to make, including choosing the countries that you will visit on your trip. While there are countless locations you could travel to on your African safari, none will provide you with the excitement that you’ll find in Namibia.

Namibia offers everything that you could want in a safari, including sights, sounds, and experience that you can’t find anywhere else in the entire world. Here are a few reasons that you should plan a Namibia safari, including some of the thrilling activities you can enjoy while visiting this country.

See Exotic Animals

Although people have differing reasons for going on a safari, the most common goal is being able to see interesting animals in the wild, and in this regard, there is no better destination in Africa than Namibia.

Namibia is home to several gorgeous wildlife preserves, including the ever-popular Etosha National Park. At Etosha, you can visit one of the many watering holes and see several exotic animal species, including giraffes and zebras. Plan your Namibia safari correctly and you’ll easily be able to see some of the most beautiful animals in the entire world.

Breathtaking Landscapes

Another reason that so many people choose to go on an African safari is being able to view gorgeous landscapes that are unmatched in any other vacation destinations, and in Namibia, you’ll find a variety of interesting sites.

For example, this country is home to the world’s second largest canyon: Fish River Canyon. You can also visit Deadvlei, which is a salt pan that stretches for miles and miles. Be sure to bring your camera along with you, because you’ll want to remember the beautiful Namibian landscape for the rest of your life.

Ocean Views

If you’re still looking for reasons to go on a safari in Namibia, consider the fact that you can split your vacation evenly between the land and the sea. In addition, to interesting geological features, Namibia also offers a scenic coastline where you can zone out while watching the waves or even interact with the Cape Fur seals in Walvis Bay. Depending the season you visit, you may be able to take a boat ride and see dolphins and whales.

Visiting Namibia is a great decision for anyone that wants to spend time on the water.

Towering Sand Dunes

While there are nearly unlimited ways to have fun while you’re on your safari in Namibia, one of the activities that you simply can’t miss is touring the tallest sand dunes in the world. Located in Sossusvlei, these dunes are a dark red color that is unlike anything you’ve ever seen, and the tallest, which is commonly referred to as Big Daddy, is over 1,000 feet tall. Scaling one of these enormous dunes is an experience that you’re guaranteed to always remember.

If you’ve been thinking about taking an African safari, then you need to choose your perfect destinations, and clearly, one of your best options is booking a Namibia safari. Whether you want to explore nature or relax on the waves, Namibia has everything you need for a great trip.

How to Make Your African Safari as Affordable as Possible

1 african-safari-holiday

For many travelers, the most important part of planning a vacation is keeping their costs as low as possible. However, if you’re interested in going on a trip such as an African safari, you might assume that you’ll need to spend a pretty penny to get the trip of your dreams. Fortunately, this isn’t the case at all.

There are countless ways to keep your African safari affordable, meaning you can have a great vacation without breaking the bank. Here are a few easy tips for booking an affordable African safari so that you can enjoy your next vacation without having to worry about cost.

Travel During the Low Season

If you’re under the assumption that safaris are expensive, it’s probably because you’ve tried to book a trip during the high season. This is a prime time of year where animals are easily viewable and there is less rain. While going on safari during the high season is the most popular option, traveling during the low season can provide big savings.

During the low seasons, there will be much more rain than other times of the year, but this results in lush plant life that can add to your safari experience. Animals, while they may not be as plentiful as during the high season, can still be easily found. Obviously, costs will also be much lower because there will be fewer visitors.

Save on Transport

Travel is one of the biggest costs of an African safari, especially if you’re traveling between destinations overland. If you’re comfortable driving in an unfamiliar location, you can save a great deal of money during your safari by driving yourself.

Self-driving African safaris are much more affordable than hiring out your travel needs, and it will also make for a memorable experience. Plus, contrary to what many people believe, the roads in most parts of Africa are well-maintained and easy to navigate. If you want to book an affordable African safari, driving yourself is one of the best ways to accomplish your goal.

Always Look for Deals

While there are countless solutions for saving money on your next African safari, your best bet is looking for travel deals. There are countless companies that will help you book your safari, and all of them will offer different prices. This means that you need to do your research to make sure that you get the best price possible.

By shopping around and looking for deals, you should be able to find the safari package that features the activities that you want and the price that you need. Take your time researching safari deals, and you’ll easily be able to find a trip that fits perfectly into your travel budget.

If you’re like most people, you might assume that going on an African safari is simply too expensive. Fortunately, as we have seen, it’s extremely easy to book an affordable African safari, particularly if you choose the right travel company. When planning your next trip, keep this tips in mind so that you can enjoy the cost-friendly African safari of your dreams.